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Your Insurance

Seasonal rental risks

The RC (Civil Liability) insurance: The RC (Civil liability) or resort insurance is obligatory, because your civil responsibility in your quality of occupant is engaged:

  • in case of fire, water damage and explosion, etc …
  • vis-à-vis the neighbors for the accidental damage that would result from the occupation and engage your responsibility (for example your child accidentally breaks the window of the neighbor playing ball).

Warning : If you receive friends, it is their responsibility, of course, to be themselves insured for their civil liability.

Cancellation Insurance:
Cancellation Insurance is optional. However, we strongly advise you to subscribe one. The one we offer is one of the best on the market.
Warning : Check with your insurer the extent of the coverage of the risks of your usual contracts, evaluate the benefits attached to the payment made with your credit card.

Reassure your holidays, enjoy the exceptional conditions of our partner privilege!


Did you know ?

  • The probability of canceling your stay is 20% !
  • In 2013, 20% of the canceled stays are not covered by any cancellation insurance … The dry loss in this case amounted to nearly 400 € for a reservation of one week.
  • The average price of the cancellation insurance premium is 15 €.
  • 100% satisfaction for the beneficiaries of the GAT insurances, our privilege partner …
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The JNEYNE team